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How to Bring Your Oncolytic Virus Innovation to Market: the Secret to Successful Development

Cancer continues to be a major burden on healthcare systems across the world, with global spending on therapies and supportive care drugs expected to reach …

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CRISPR-Cas9 Knockout Screening Using Primary Human Cells in Drug Discovery

While significant progress has been made carrying out CRISPR screens in immortalised cell lines, a more physiological and clinically relevant alternative is human primary cells, …

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CAR-T cells

Are We Nearly There Yet? The Ongoing Journey of CAR-T Cell Therapies

CAR-T cells have a genetically engineered T-cell receptor (TCR) that directs their binding to cancer cells. In first-generation CARs, the TCR was engineered to express …

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Qiagen to expand biomarker research in UK

The new health innovation campus will support the continued growth of businesses which are driving the future shape of medicine and health care. Qiagen has …

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Western Australia to get new biotech hub

MTPConnect will match the funding by contributing $100,000 in cash per annum and $200,000 per annum in in-kind support over four years, for joint co-funded …

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Vetter Strikes Out on New Pathways to Further Develop the Injection Process

CDMO launches the Vetter Open Innovation Challenge under the slogan ‘Injection 2.0’ Multi-disciplinary teams of participants will examine the applicability of digital trends to injection …

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FDA launches medical device ‘innovation challenge’ to combat opioid crisis

  The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday an “innovation challenge” aimed at encouraging the development of medical devices such as digital health applications and …

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Franco-Quebecois Forum for Health Innovation (FFQIS): successful second edition strengthens international partnerships

With a focus on medical imaging, digital health, biomaterials and biomechanics, the event, promoting knowledge sharing and B2B meetings, took place on May 15 and …

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