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How Involved Should Biopharma CEOs Be In Outsourcing Activities?

When outsourcing drug development and manufacturing, how involved should the CEOs of emerging biopharma be in the requisite day-to-day activities and processes? Louis Garguilo interviews …

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biological medicines

SGS Increases Biosafety Testing Capacity at Its Glasgow Facility

SGS has just completed a significant expansion project at its Glasgow facility, meaning it can provide increased biosafety testing for the biologics, drug development, and …

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drug development

Galapagos CEO to retire, though successor yet to be announced

Galapagos looked to be in a strong position at the start of 2020. It had recently closed a major research deal with Gilead that not …

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Lilly’s new eczema drug scores in late-stage studies

Once known primarily for its work in diabetes, Lilly has, for years now, been branching into other areas of drug development like immunology. There, the …

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