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Working in Tandem: Formulation Science and Drug Delivery Device Design

The need to continue to innovate with drug delivery devices has been a focus for medical device companies over the past couple of decades. With the self-administration of injectables increasingly prevalent, manufacturers must balance the use of new technologies with the need to make products as simple and user-friendly as possible. At Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services we acknowledge the importance of understanding the key trends in formulation science and how this may impact the development of new medical devices for subcutaneous administration. We recently conducted in-depth interviews with experts in pharmaceutical formulation science and device development from the US, UK, Ireland, Germany and India to understand where innovations will be directed in the coming years. Julie Cotterell at Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services examines in more detail how these twin areas must work in tandem to create optimal solutions and deliver drug-device combination products that can accommodate a wide range of patient needs.