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Safeguarding your IP: Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services’ Global Commitment to Confidentiality

Intellectual property (IP) rights and confidentiality protections play a critical role in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Appropriate protections enable developers to drive innovation, safeguard investments, and accelerate the development of new drugs and therapies, while creating
a favourable environment for research, development, and commercialisation. Partnering with a CDMO with the global expertise to navigate complex landscape requirements, and with global frameworks in place to standardise protections, can alleviate potential challenges for drug developers and IP

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are committed to keeping your intellectual property and confidential information secure. We understand the sensitivity of your data and apply the same rigorous controls as we do to our own information. We standardise these strict controls across all sites in our global network to help ensure your information is safe, regardless of where you work with us.

Enforcing Contractual Protections

Our standard contractual terms are consistent with industry expectations and allow customers to legally enforce our confidentiality and IP obligations.

Confidentiality Protections

  • Strict processes ensure a valid CDA is in place prior to and
    throughout the disclosure of confidential information
  • Confidentiality obligations are incorporated in the MSA and
    apply throughout the project and afterwards
  • All pharma services sites have rigorous standards in
    handling confidential information conforming to Thermo
    Fisher Scientific global policies

IP ownership

  • Customer information disclosed to us remains the property
    of the customer at all times
  • New customer IP under the MSA is assigned to customer
    across all our sites and in compliance with local laws
  • Employee agreements, including affiliates subcontractors,
    are consistent with our IP obligations towards the customer
  • We offer technical support as requested by the customer
    in securing new customer IP (e.g. assistance with patent

Protecting Your Data
We implement Thermo Fisher Scientific corporate best practices across all pharma services sites to keep your data safe and secure.

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