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Reagents for Biomedical Research

What are Exosomes?
Exosomes are small, membrane–bound
extracellular vesicles (EVs) that are released by cells, such as adipose–derived stem cells/stoma cells, mesenchymal stem cells/ stroma cells (MSC), dendritic cells, T and B cells. These vesicles can contain a wide variety of molecules, such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, that are derived from the cell of origin.

They play a key role in intercellular communication, as they can transfer contents to other cells and influence their behaviour. They have been implicated in a wide variety of physiological and pathological processes, including immune regulation, tissue repair, and cancer progression. They are also used as a tool for drug delivery and as a biomarker for disease diagnosis and prognosis.

How are EVs produced?
One approach to produce exosomes for therapeutic purposes involves mobilizing hematopoietic stem cells 
(hSC) from the patient’s peripheral blood, followed by differentiation into dendritic cells (DCs). These DCs are then genetically engineered with tissue-specific exosomal membrane protein plasmids, which allows the resulting exosomes to express the same tissue-specific proteins on their surface.

Once the exosomes are produced, they are loaded with therapeutic cargo such as mRNA or siRNA, which are designed to target specific disease-causing genes or pathways. These exosomes are then subjected to quality control measures to ensure purity, yield, and functional activity before they are administered to patients.

PELOBIOTECH GmbH is a supplier of reagents for biomedical research. With a focus on primary cell culture, the Munich Cell Specialist distributes one of the broadest portfolios of cell culture products & media from their exclusive partners all over the world. The portfolio currently offers 5,000+ products in the field of human &animal primary cells, adult stem & iPS cells, media & tools. Scientists may choose from a range of 18,000 cell culture products. PELOBiotech offers modified and tagged primary & stem Cells, diseased cells, and 2D&3D cell culture systems. Researchers also use our comprehensive Cell Sourcing Service from healthy and diseased donors (tissue, cells, plasma…).

As one of our key features, we offer customized solutions with a choice of prime media in R&D, GMP-like and GMP quality, and keep a special focus on xeno-free, serum-free and defined solutions. We also present our own prime product line Cellovations®, based on heart, experience and knowledge, which researchers need for a successful and accelerated set-up.

Furthermore, PELOBIOTECH develops and produces special cell culture media for human primary cells, stem cells and embryonic stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells.

We focus on our customers and their research first. At PELOBiotech you get everything from one shop, talking from scientist to scientist. This makes PELOBIOTECH a leading provider of excellent research tools worldwide. Our mission is to provide all scientists with high-quality cell culture products to bridge the gap from bench to bedside with top-notch solutions for the research project.

PELOBiotech GmbH – More than Competence4Cells

Tools for Exosome Production

Cultivation and expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells/stem cells (MSCs) and the production of extracellular vesicles (EVs) have gained much importance in both basic research and regenerative medicine. One factor for success is the choice of appropriate cell culture media that supports both the expansion of MSCs and the production of functional EVs.

Ready-to-use media saves time and offers the advantage of standardized cultivation of MSCs. They contain all necessary nutrients, growth factors, hormones, and buffer systems for optimal expansion and/or production of exosomes. The quality of EVs produced is highly dependent on culture conditions and media. Ready-to-use systems optimized specifically for EV production can increase or enable EV numbers and functionality.

One of the highest quality supplements on the market is the human platelet lysate UltraGRO Pure GI GMP Grade or even the exosome-depleted UltraGro-PURE for EV production with MSCs.

Those looking for an alternative rely on chemically defined media: CellCor EXO CD or CellCor CD MSC medium is also used very successfully for isolation, expansion and MSC-dependent EV production. No media change from culture to isolation is required, and exosomes obtained with CellCor EXO CD provide high functionality and regenerative effects.

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