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IDT expands free next-day delivery service

New courier zones announced in the UK

LEUVEN, BELGIUM (February 14, 2019) – As an advocate for researchers in the genomics age, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is expanding its courier zones to ensure that the highest-fidelity oligos are available in less time and at the same price, to more customers. UK scientists based in Cambridge, Oxford, and London—both inside and out of the M25 orbital—can now benefit from IDT’s free next-day delivery service, enabling projects to be started and finished sooner.

IDT is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of nucleic acid products and genomics solutions. All of its single-stranded and duplexed DNA sequences are produced with industry-leading coupling efficiencies, resulting in higher quality DNA products. Specialized platforms allow the company to deliver the purest primers for PCR, dual-labelled probes for qPCR, indexed adapters and fusion primers for sequencing, as well as a variety of advanced and custom products. Researchers can be assured of oligo integrity thanks to electrospray ionization (ESI) mass spectrometry traces, supplied free with every order – providing the utmost confidence in quality and consistency.

“IDT is committed to helping researchers accelerate discovery”, commented Rik Leyssens, General Manager at IDT’s EMEA facility in Leuven. “From January 7th, our customers in the UK can now receive and use IDT oligos the day after ordering. Many of our customers in Belgium and parts of the United States, who already benefit from our the next-day service have commented that our ability to deliver so rapidly has enabled them to do more, in less time.”

Orders placed from within the courier zones before 5pm will be delivered the next day at no additional cost, enabling researchers to generate consistently reliable data with IDT’s unmatched oligo quality. In addition, scientist can take advantage of an offer to receive ten free 25 nmol DNA oligos by visiting a landing page for a promotional code.