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Global Bioinformatics network PRASM to List on CoinBene

PRASM is a decentralized AI-based bioinformatics network and its protocol stores and utilizes biometrics on a blockchain database.

According to PRASM, the biometric data of individuals who use hospitals, medical and healthcare services are currently being bought and sold by organizations without the knowledge to the users of such services, and the profits that occur from such transactions are never relayed to the information providers.

Consequently, PRASM was launched to allow biometric information providers claim agency of their data and receive customized wellness and healthcare services through a decentralized biometrics database.

Participants of the PRASM Network receive PSM tokens as compensation, and the PSM tokens can be used to purchase various wellness services they require.

In early July, PRASM attended large international blockchain industry conferences such as the Chainers 2018 and Token Sky Tokyo 2018, and attracted wide attention. At the event, Yonghyun Kwon MD stressed the vision and growth potential of the bioinformatics market through the PRASM project.

PRASM also held its second meet-up in Silicon Valley, California on July 9th, and the event proved to be a success, gathering numerous potential international investors and partner companies. PRASM plans to hold further meet-ups in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Denver, and Orlando.

PRASM announced that the PSM token is set to list on CoinBene this upcoming July 12th. This listing announcement came only a week after PRASM’s listing on IDAX on July 4th, and officials say the token is confirmed to list on two additional exchanges in July alone.

The team of PRASM is planning to enter an even larger stage so that people from all over the world can use wellness services unimpeded by language and border barriers through PRASM.