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FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Releases Toxinometer® ET-7000 Tube Reader and QC8 Toxinmaster® Software for Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation is pleased to announce the June 2019 release of our Toxinometer® ET-7000 tube reader analysis module and QC8 Toximaster® software.  Designed for the quantitative determination of bacterial endotoxins, the FDA 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant software offers a great deal of increased functionality for the end-user.  In addition, enhancements have been made to the analysis module  to further solidify  the stability and accuracy that the Toxinometer® system is already known for.


The QC8 Toximaster® software, building on the value of data integrity, incorporates tools to further control authorized users and their level of access within the QC8 Toximaster® software program.  This valuable feature will allow for better regulation within the testing environment to ensure each employee is only permitted to complete functions within the software, which relate to their specific job function.  Additionally, the software’s user management tool allows ease of use in changing authorizations by group or individual user, changing passwords, and moving personnel to different groups within the system.


The task of setting a protocol, whether following USP, BET, JP, or EP, is further authenticated by the features of the software, which check to ensure each protocol conforms to the proper requirements of the program selected.   Each protocol and be simply saved and directly loaded with ease from the software’s home screen.  Not only can you save your established protocols for future use, you can also register and save within the system, a variety of product information relating to the lysate, standard, reagent water and sample you are including within your protocols.


The Toxinometer® ET-7000 analysis module is further equipped with features to compensate for  environmental changes that can occur in the testing laboratory.  Improvements in temperature stabilization help eliminate possible fluctuations in the system’s readings due to changes in ambient temperature.  Increased stabilization of the Toxinometer® ET-7000 heat block and photometric sensors eliminates concerns of vibration interference during the performance of any assay.


With reliable results you can depend on, the Toxinometer® ET-7000 analysis module and QC8 Toximaster® software continue to meet the daily demands of bacterial endotoxin testing.  Whether you’re looking for a reliable system that performs continuously without fail, or a valuable integrated software program with features that meet and exceed today’s data integrity requirements,  the Toxinometer ®ET-7000 analysis module and QC8 Toximaster® software remain a quality choice for supporting your bacterial endotoxin testing needs.  When each assay is of the greatest importance, trust the system providing quality results for every user and every method.


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