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First Allogenic Cell Banks for CAR-T Cancer Therapy Products Created

TC BioPharm (TCB), developer of CAR-T immuno-oncology products, has completed its first allogenic Gamma Delta T (GDT) cell banks, it announced in a Jan. 22, 2019 press release.

The cell banks will provide the company with core technology that can be used in the development of ‘off-the-shelf’ CAR-T products directed at a variety of different cancer types. This project was funded through a €4-million (approx. US$4.5-million) grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program.

Angela Scott, co-founder and chief operating officer, TCB, said, “I am delighted we have completed manufacture of our first allogeneic cell banks. By combining allogeneic GDT therapy with our unique CAR-T platform it will allow us to develop the next generation of safe, cost-effective immunotherapy for cancer, improving patient outcomes and quality of life.”

“Availability of clinical-grade allogeneic GDT cell banks is an important commercial milestone for TCB,” commented Michael Leek, co-founder and chief executive, TCB. “This allows us to transition our therapeutic approach from expensive and complex personalized therapy using patient’s own cells, to a more cost-effective ‘pharmaceuticalized’ approach.”