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Cytomos’s Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer Co-Chairs 

Cytomos’s Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer Co-Chairs Biannual Conference Advancing Cell and Gene Therapies: Special focus on advancements, trends, disruption and enabling technologies that increase robustness and decrease production costs

30 January 2024: TechBio company, Cytomos ( is pleased to announce that Dr Fernanda Masri, the company’s Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer, and former Head of Innovation Manufacturing and Collaborations at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, will co-chair the 2024 Biannual ECI Advancing Manufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies conference, taking place between 4th and 8th February 2024 in Coronado, California. Moreover, Fernanda will co-chair the meeting’s fireside chat opening session – providing an overview of the expectations now placed on the cell and gene therapy manufacturing industry that go far beyond good science and clinical impact. 

The conference brings together an international array of figures from academia, industry and government, to showcase and debate the latest breakthroughs in advancing and improving the engineering and manufacturing of advanced, next generation therapies. Conference sessions cover enabling technologies that have been developed to overcome many of the limitations of current processes, potentially including obstacles and challenges that prevent automation, a key goal in the production process for these therapies.

“Over the course of the next 5-10 years, next generation process analytical enabling technologies have huge potential to serve as key drivers for accelerating new product discovery, development and manufacturing. They hold the key to unlocking the true long-term potential of cell and gene therapies because of their capability to radically decrease the cost of producing the products, whilst increasing their robustness and reliability,” commented Dr Masri. 

For example, technological innovations – like Cytomos’s AuraCyt™ platform – accelerate biological drug discovery and development, streamline manufacturing, with real-time monitoring potential, and provide better prospects for delivering automation in the future production of cell and gene therapies.

CEO David Rigterink added, “We are delighted that Cytomos is associated with this excellent conference through Fernanda’s involvement in its organisation and implementation. It reflects our company’s focus on delivering novel solutions for unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications. Cytomos has been building on the past decade’s profound DeepTech R&D progress, and the expected CE approval for our brand-new benchtop instrument, Celledonia™ – which will allow a market launch in Q2 – marks the start of a seismic disruption to the single cell analytical market.”

The other co-chairs at the conference include Dr Carolyn Yeago, founder of CY Solutions LLC, Gargi Maheshwari, Vice President, Biologics Development, at Bristol Myers Squibb, John Moscariello, Vice President Cell Therapy Drug Product Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb. Bryan Wang, Senior Scientist at TreeFrog Therapeutics is responsible for Student Liaison. 

A full breakdown of the wide ranging ECI 2024 sessions is summarised as follows:

  • Viral vector and gene editing platforms – Progress and challenges in process development, manufacturing, product characterization and technology landscap
  • Advances in Cell Therapy Manufacturing Technology to Enable Autologous and Allogeneic Applications
  • Digitization, Process Control, and Closed-system Automation in Cell and Gene Therapies
  • In-Process and Analytical Control Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapies 
  • Critical Early Decisions in Regulatory Strategies and Standards to Facilitate Product Development.

For more information, please contact Tristan Jervis at Impact Shine Communications on +44 (0) 771 363 8396 or e-mail:

About Cytomos and AuraCyt

Cytomos is a dynamic early-stage company developing ground-breaking cell analysis systems that can be used alone or alongside conventional technologies such as flow cytometry. AuraCyt leverages cost-efficient microchip technology, providing streamlined testing strategies and economically viable cell therapies. The technology closely monitors a broad range of individual cell features simultaneously and collects data on intrinsic cellular properties in real-time, delivering unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications. 

Pioneering: AuraCyt™ accelerates biological drug discovery and development, and streamlines manufacturing, with real-time monitoring potential and better prospects for automation.

Label-free: The technology harnesses the power of dielectric spectroscopy and microelectronics and characterises cells without the need for labels.

Unbiased: The technology addresses the analytical challenges of cell and gene therapy developers and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), with fast and sensitive detection of single-cell attributes. The platform generates predictive analytics for consistent decision-making without operator bias.

Uniquely scalable: AuraCyt™ is the only scalable technology that can measure cellular physiology, based on real-time intrinsic single-cell properties.

With huge potential for applications across a range of markets, Cytomos is continuing to engage with well-known force multipliers in the bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy space, including bioprocessing solution market leaders and cutting-edge 

TechBio partners set to dominate the Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs). 

Cytomos’ mission is to become the undisputed PAT partner for real-time-single-cell analytics. AuraCyt™ will accelerate biological drug discovery and development, and it will streamline manufacturing, with real-time monitoring and better prospects for automation.

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