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Biopharma Group’s Cryopreservation Storage Equipment & Solutions

Let Our Team Help to Evaluate Your Equipment Requirements to Match You to The Best Solution

Why choose Biopharma Group? We offer:

  • Technically advanced cryogenic storage solutions & equipment, designed for safe, scalable product handling of pharmaceutical and life science products
  • Customised quoting to match your requirements
  • Dedicated Account Managers and product specialists with over 30 years of industry experience
  • Extensive range of storage vessels, refrigerators, and accessories

Whether you require small volume storage for research studies or large repository, automated, stainless steel storage vessels that can manage up to 94,000 samples, or accessories such as storage racks or liquid nitrogen dewars, Biopharma Group offers a comprehensive range of cryogenic storage refrigerators and cryopreservation storage solutions that keep your sample in the safest environment at the lowest possible temperatures. Another benefit of the product range is that our state-of-the-art controllers enable your samples to be kept under the best storage conditions with autofill and level/temperature alarm features to prevent the loss or contamination of sensitive and rare samples, thus maintaining its integrity whatever the temperature constraints.

Biopharma Group is always looking at innovative ways of using this wealth of in‐house knowledge to benefit the industry, so it made perfect sense for us to partner with IC Biomedical to bring you the TW and International Cryogenics range of cryogenic/ cryopreservation storage products. With unrivalled product quality and reliability, you can rely on the full range to protect the integrity of your samples ‐ while receiving fast and efficient advice and service from our product specialists. Regardless of the scale of the job, we are confident we can help to find the best equipment solution to match your requirements – and with some product lines offering more than one option on brand, we can certainly work to meet any budget. To discover more, visit

Biopharma Group also offers a number of other equipment ranges and services across its brand divisions and is a leading supplier of capital equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries for benchtop to production scale freeze drying, fill-finish lines, high-pressure homogenisation, and industry-related equipment to the UK and Ireland. Our aim is to meet your process requirements by offering the best solutions for you and remain on hand for assistance thereafter.


Additionally, Biopharma Group also provides independent contract R&D, production services, and training courses to customers worldwide. Together with our expertise in freeze drying, we offer a uniquely comprehensive service, covering all aspects of the drying process through to scalable production and dried product or liquid formulation analysis.