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Accessing Greater Dimensions of Biological Understanding Through LC-MS Proteomics

Proteomics has the potential to answer vital biological questions, optimise drug development and improve clinical care. Seeing these benefits, more researchers are embracing proteomic profiling, driving demand for ever-larger proteomics studies and the high-throughput techniques needed to deliver them. But, while available affinity-based methods can provide high-throughput proteomic analysis, their specificity may be low. Luckily, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) can effectively address the shortcomings of affinity-based approaches, offering both depth and throughput of data. Dr. Andreas F.R. Hühmer at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Dr. Oliver Rinner at Biognosys, discuss the evolution of high-throughput proteomics, the opportunities presented by LC-MS, and how companies are helping researchers to use this technology to drive the advancement of clinical research and care.