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VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner for thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies across the globe, VectorBuilder offers a full spectrum of gene delivery solutions covering virtually all research and clinical needs from bench to bedside.

VectorBuilder’s free design service, 100% vector sequence assurance and viral titer guarantee ensure you confidently focus on your publishable work while saving time and money. So far VectorBuilder has created more than 500,000 vectors, and that’s just the beginning. As the company expands GMP-related offerings, the VectorBuilder team continues to build the future of gene delivery from design to therapy.

VectorBuilder’s specialities include:

– Vector design and cloning (>100 plasmid backbones)
– Virus packaging
– AAV capsid evolution and biodistribution in mouse and NHP models
– GMP services
– Viral pseudotyping
– CRISPR library construction, dual gRNA libraries
– Stable cell line generation

VectorBuilder is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with branches in Germany, Japan, and production in Guangzhou, China.

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