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Non-Contact Clamp-On Flow Meters & Bubble Detectors

Non-Contact Clamp-On Flow Meters & Bubble Detectors – Designed for Accurate and Contamination-Free Upstream and Downstream Monitoring to Fulfil Regulatory Goals of the PAT Framework

The Process Analytical Technology (PAT) framework has been defined as a mechanism to design, analyze, and control biotechnical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of Critical Process Parameters (CPP). A constant flow monitoring and bubble detection fundamentally supports its overall targets to

  • reduce production cycling time,
  • prevent rejection of batches,
  • enable real time release,
  • increase automation and control,
  • improve energy and material use,
  • facilitate continuous processing.

Field Proven Technology: Non-Contact SONOFLOW CO.55 Clamp-On Flow Meters

SONOFLOW clamp-on flow sensors are designed for upstream and downstream monitoring in the bioprocess industry. These innovative sensors offer integrated electronics which allow them to function without an external board or transmitter, providing a complete flow meter in the size of a small transducer. The systems are suitable for applications from process development through manufacturing to fill and finish operations.

  • High accuracy measurements of up to 1 % to improve process performance
  • Reliable real-time instantaneous flow measurement from 10 ml to 200 L / min
  • Minimize equipment footprint with built-in electronics
  • Ideally suited for silicone, TPE, and most standard bioprocess tubing
  • Reduce risk of contamination with non-product contact flow sensors
  • No moving parts to induce shear stress on cells
  • User-friendly software for onsite calibration
  • Seamless process integration with multiple output options to operate up to 12 sensors in parallel
  • Volume totalizing/volume dosing feature
  • Sustainable and reusable to reduce process costs and waste

Medical Grade Expertise Included: Non-Contact SONOCHECK ABD06 Bubble Detectors

The early detection of air bubbles is an effective instrument for making bioprocesses more stable, productive and efficient, and reducing costs in the long term. Highly precise and flexible non-contact clamp-on SONOCHECK ABD06 bubble sensors are perfectly suited for continuous air bubble monitoring and full/empty detection.

SONOTEC implemented a patented closed loop algorithm to ensure a fast detection of even smallest bubbles and to guarantee constant bubble sensitivity widely independent of the quality of the acoustic coupling. SONOCHECK ABD06 bubble sensors can spot bubbles down to 1/3 of the inner diameter of the tubing. Thus, the bubble detectors profit from SONOTECs long-term experience in developing medical grade bubble detectors for hemodialysis and ECMO machines.




Frauke Beelmann
Marketing Manager Non-Invasive Fluid Monitoring
Phone: +49 (0) 345 13317-822