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Mundipharma to launch web-based chat bot for feminine care

BETADINE Utilises AI Technology in First Ever Feminine Healthcare Chat Bot

BETADINE, which is produced by multinational healthcare organisation Mundipharma, is the first ever consumer healthcare brand to launch a web-based chat bot for feminine care.

A pilot launch in Singapore has shown impressive results, including a 194% increase in average website session duration on where Betty is currently hosted. It will soon be launched in other countries around the world and programmed to respond in other languages.

Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh, said “Not everyone is comfortable talking about this topic so we wanted to create another way for women to seek advice.

“We’re proud to have developed this ground-breaking chat bot, which I believe provides a glimpse into the future of healthcare – one which, facilitated by technology, provides people with options and convenience, and empowers them to make informed decisions that best suit their healthcare needs.