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Back to in-person events: SONOTEC presents high accuracy flow meters for enhanced process quality and reproducibility on bioprocessing fall shows in the USA

After a long time without any in-person event, SONOTEC is back on the road again and presents its leading SONOFLOW® CO.55 clamp-on flow meters on the BPI show in Boston and the Interphex 2021 in New York. Applied in process development and in GMP production, the highly accurate ultrasonic sensors monitor flow rates, volume totalizing as well as dosing and filling processes.

The BPI Boston (September, 20-23) is the first in-person bioprocessing event, which SONOTEC attends as an exhibitor after the long break caused by the pandemic. In addition, SONOTEC joins the Interphex New York (October, 19-21). The ultrasonic specialist presents its high accuracy SONOFLOW CO.55 non-contact flow meters, designed to increase efficiency and reproducibility throughout upstream and downstream processes in biotech applications. “We are very happy to finally be able to join in-person events again. We missed all the face-to-face conversations and cannot wait to meet business partners and customers again at the upcoming fall events in the United States. Presenting our sensors at an exhibition is so much more valuable and exciting than online demonstrations”, explains Melanie Schmidt, Business Unit Director at SONOTEC GmbH.

Highest accuracy for various bioprocessing applications

With customized calibration, ultrasonic sensors can achieve up to 1% accuracy, which significantly improves process stability according to the PAT framework throughout the complete manufacturing cycle. SONOFLOW CO.55 flow meters are ideally suited for low flow applications in laboratories as well as complex GMP production processes. The clamp-on technology offers the possibility to detect and monitor flow rates on flexible silicone tubing from the outside, eliminating any risk of contamination. The non-invasive sensors can be used unlimited in both single-use and hybrid environments of the bioprocessing industry, supporting corporate sustainability policies. Starting from media preparation via feeding and acid/base delivery throughout all process steps to the final fluid dispensing during fill and finish, the flow meters can be easily applied to monitor and control flow rates and volumes reliably.

Advanced technology and ease of use

Based on a unique sensor platform, the compact flow meter is available in multiple sensor sizes as well as in different construction designs with either aluminium or stainless steel housing. By selecting the stainless steel housing customers benefit from the configurable built-in display showing the current flow rate and further measurement parameters.

It is possible to monitor and control up to twelve SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors via RS485 interface. For SCADA-based process controlling, the flow meters can easily be integrated in the existing PLC network architecture via an EtherNet / IP Gateway. In order to configure and calibrate the sensor, SONOTEC offers the optional C³ software. Thus, customers can conveniently re-calibrate their sensors on-site without any logistics effort.

SONOTEC is looking forward to meeting customers, partners, colleagues and friends at BPI Boston (September, 20-23) on stand #735 and at Interphex New York (October, 19-21) on stand #3069.