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Ultrasound Is Our Strength

Founded in 1991, SONOTEC GmbH has developed into one of the world’s leading product and solution specialist for innovative ultrasonic measurement technologies. With more than 180 employees and a modern corporate structure comprising three independent business units – Non-Invasive Fluid Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance and Nondestructive Testing – the technology leader operates its global sales activities from the German headquarter based in Halle (Saale). The distributed portfolio includes ultrasonic transducers and sensors as well as testing devices and measurement solutions for a variety of different industries.

Global Technology Leader in Non-Invasive Fluid Monitoring

The business unit Non-Invasive Fluid Monitoring is specialized in ultrasonic sensor technology in the field of non-contact and non-invasive liquid flow measurement and air bubble detection in flexible tubes and hard plastic pipes. As a global technology leader, we offer excellent product quality, first-class measurement performance and outstanding service to our customers in medical technology, biotechnology, and the semiconductor industry.

In order to guarantee the highest product quality, we are certified according to ISO 9001 as well as EN ISO 13485 and fulfil the directives for the manufacturing of products to be applied in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX/IECEx.

In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we offer customized sensor solutions responding to application-specific requirements.

Non-Contact Liquid Flow Measurement & Bubble Detection

Designed for upstream and downstream monitoring of bioprocesses, the non-contact ultrasonic sensors from SONOTEC measure liquid flow quickly and accurately. With their integrated electronics board, the SONOFLOW and SONOCHECK sensors offer the smallest equipment footprint solution on the market. By using reliable and reusable sensors process stability can be improved, easy data transfer achieved, and costs reduced.

Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter SONOFLOW® CO.55

The non-contact SONOFLOW CO.55 sensor measures liquid flow rates accurately and reliably in flexible plastic tubes. The clamp-on design and non-invasive measurement principle guarantee repeatable and contamination-free use. The advantageous sensor series with integrated electronics fits from small-scale bench-top processes in the lab to up-scale applications in GMP environments.


Ultrasonic Bubble Detector SONOCHECK® ABD06

The contact-free bubble sensor SONOCHECK ABD06 is ideally suited for continuous bubble monitoring and full/empty detection. Bubbles down to 1/3 of the inner tubing diameter can be detected. The highly accurate sensor is an effective instrument to increase process stability and quality in bioprocessing applications. Due to its clamp-on mounting, the optional ATEX certified bubble detector eliminates the risk of contamination.



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