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Precision for Medicine


Precision for Medicine is purpose-built to accelerate innovation and support the clinical research and development of new therapeutics. As the first global full-service precision medicine clinical research organization, we combine the power of trials, labs, and data science to transform the entire development continuum.

  • Clinical Operations Excellence: We partner to provide personalized clinical services that address the challenges inherent in global trials for oncology, rare diseases, gene and cell therapies, and other complex disease states. We have conducted more than 500 programs in more than 70 countries.
  • Deep Laboratory Expertise: From a foundation of expertise in key biomarker analysis methods, we develop new technologies and customized approaches to generate rich multiomic biomarker data.
  • Advanced Data Sciences: Our data-first approach to every therapeutic and diagnostic development program ensures that data is an asset, empowering valuable insights across information silos to drive decisions and streamline development.

Harnessing these 3 pillars, we maximize our clients’ insight into patient biology, delivering more predictable trial outcomes and speeding clinical development. We apply our expertise to trials at all stages, from early development through approval. With more than 2000 people and 35 offices worldwide, Precision stands ready to help accelerate life-changing treatments anywhere around the globe.


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