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Highlights From the FIPEd Global Education Report

The International Pharmaceutical Federation Education Initiative (FIPEd) launched the 2013 FIPEd Global Education Report (available at: in September 2013. This is the first publication of its kind to provide a baseline on the current status and transformation of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education worldwide. A foundation of scientific and professional education and training is a key factor for pharmacists to develop the capability to improve therapeutic outcomes, enhance patients’ safety and quality of life and help people to stay healthy, as well as advance science and practice. For pharmacy, contemporary forms of initial education and training are vital for the profession to meet the increasingly complex pharmaceutical and public health care demands of populations. The 2013 FIPEd Global Education Report was conducted using surveys in English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. This resulted in education and workforce data for 109 countries and territories representing around 175,000 pharmacy students and 2,500 education institutions worldwide.