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Flow Robotics

Founded in 2015, Flow Robotics’ mission is to change the landscape of liquid handling automation in the life science and public health sectors by making it accessible to everyone.

This is achieved with the revolutionary pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, made by scientists for scientists – ensuring that it fulfills the need in any lab while remaining intuitive, flexible, and affordable.


With a headquarter in Copenhagen, a subsidiary in the US, and sales specialists located all over the world, Flow Robotics is becoming a preferred brand for easy automation worldwide.


The flowbot® ONE

flowbot® ONE enables scientists to smoothly empower their lab with state-of-the-art technology.

It has high precision and is carefully designed to be as flexible and intuitive as possible.

This means, among other things, that the robot does not require a visit by a technician to adjust its protocol. It can instead be done by the individual laboratory employee in a simple drag-and-drop system that does not require any programming experience.

The flowbot® ONE is a reliable pipetting workhorse that can ensure optimal accuracy, traceability, and reproducibility in both high-throughput and low-throughput labs.

The pipetting robot takes over many of the repetitive and burdensome manual pipetting tasks in a laboratory for applications such as e.g., PCR, qPCR, ELIZA, NGS, Normalization, sample dilution, etc.

This reduces the work-related injuries that come from working in fixed positions. It also increases the throughput and accuracy, reduces human errors and stress, and enables lab personnel to engage in other more valuable activities.

Flowbot® ONE is a plug-and-play solution with 12 positions on the deck. Its software is a web application that can be used in any browser and even away from the lab.

Read more about the intuitive pipetting robot here

Integrations and add-ons

The flowbot® ONE can be both a stand-alone unit and part of an integration with a robot arm. Through an open API and collaborations with Automata and ‌Peak Analysis and Automation, it can become a fully automated pipetting solution – making it even less dependent on human interaction.

It also comes with optional add-ons such as UV light and a HEPA filter, and there are devices that are already integrated into the software such as a bioshaker, a magnetic deck, a cold plate, and a temperature controller.



How Ensigna Biosystems uses the flowbot® ONE

The California-based contract research organization, Ensigna Biosystems, uses the flowbot® ONE in research projects for biotech and biopharma companies. More specifically, to prepare samples for qPCR and, on occasions, protein assays.

This enables them to accommodate their customers while creating a good working environment and high accuracy at the same time.

“Our clients were really pushing us to get fast results, so we started thinking about ways to optimize. This is where flowbot® ONE came into play. Now, our clients are happy that we can deliver faster (…) To load a 96-well plate manually took me about 45 minutes. With the flowbot I do it in about 10 minutes.” – Michel Faure, Ph.D., President, and CEO of Ensigna Biosystems, Inc.

Visit Flow Robotics website for more information.