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éclateral is a diagnostic/tech start-up creating the next generation of lateral flow tests.  Our team comprises scientists and engineers, all united by our shared passion to democratise diagnostic tests. The inexpensive, handheld o~pal reader uses an electrochemical measurement (explained below) to make lateral flow tests robust, quantifiable, multiplexable, and connected. We are initially developing a health test to guide better antibiotic prescriptions and a wellness test for menopause. 

Our mission is to give everyone control of their health and wellness by providing low-cost, clinical-grade diagnostic tests that can be used at home.

our service

We digitalise health and wellness tests making them accessible for use in the comfort and privacy of home or at the point of care. We aim to take any traditional LFT test strips, from any manufacturer- and electrify them, to form part of our connected, clinical-grade health and wellness service. This is done by overlaying an array of microelectrodes over the test and control lines and taking an electrical measurement of the analyte, powered by the handheld o~pal reader. This approach means that individuals who prefer to stay at home can grant GPs and healthcare professionals access to new health information obtained through the o~pal platform- with potential applications in distributed clinical trials too. The platform also extends the reach of LFTs to a previously excluded population of visually impaired and blind people, who can use the accessibility settings on a smartphone to hear their results.  We are dedicated to developing highly secure, anonymised, and low-cost electrified lateral flow tests suitable for both home and clinical use.  

our product

The o~pal Reader is a handheld device that accurately and quickly analyses lateral flow tests by converting the optical colour change (blue or pink lines) caused by the accumulation of gold nanoparticles into an electrical measurement. The tests are more robust and more sensitive, with the objective measurement resulting in fewer false negatives compared to the subjective visual assessment. 

The o~pal Reader connects to the user’s mobile phone using Bluetooth, enabling users to view their health information via the o~pal mobile App or for the information to be transmitted directly to a healthcare professional if a medical decision is required.

The technology extends to a wide range of applications including:

  1. A patient-based CRP test is taken in pharmacies or even at home for identification of early infection and appropriate antibiotic prescription.
  2. At home, discrete menopause-related hormone profiling
  3. Infectious disease monitoring provides real-time surveillance data to public health bodies by capturing every rapid test result and providing an accurate picture at the population level.

The painless nature of sample acquisition and low per-test cost means that people can become their own baselines for health and well-being testing, monitoring changes in their hormones, diet-related markers over time, or markers of recovery after treatment. The connected nature of the tests means that GPs can use rule-out testing at home rather than needing to see patients, saving them time, and decreasing the carbon footprint of the diagnostics industry.