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Since 1962, Dora Wirth Languages (DWL) has been providing global translation services to the life science industry. From international pharmaceutical companies to academia and to Contract Research Organisations (CROs), we provide a service that is par excellence. Our translation services have helped bring ground-breaking medicines and medical devices from clinical trials to market.

The DWL approach is built upon a solid foundation of experience and in-house medical expertise, using DWL’s well-practised and specially formulated procedures for translation, project management, and quality control. We provide translation solutions, in a wide range of languages, covering traditional and emerging markets, in the following specialist areas: regulatory affairs, clinical research, medical research, medical publishing, manufacturing, medical devices, legal, and marketing communications.

A BIG Language Solutions company, DWL is a member of the Clinical Contract Research Organisation (CCRA) and a corporate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). We are available to help with all stages of your translation project cycle, providing the services needed as you navigate the increasingly complex international frameworks and differing regulatory and compliance concerns that today’s life science firms face. Our focus is life science translation services and our expertise and experience are in working with leading industry stakeholders.

From a scientific perspective, the study of living organisms includes biology, microbiology, physiology, organic chemistry, and other health-related fields. From a business perspective, the term ‘life sciences’ compromises biotechnology, medical devices, clinical research, and much more. Each area has its own terminology, business processes, regulatory challenges, and subject-matter knowledge requirements.

We deliver our life sciences translation services and solutions through our linguists and project managers, who are well-versed in every stage of commercialization. Our specialist translators also understand the clinical, regulatory, and governmental guidelines that need to be followed to ensure your translated content is accurate, compliant, and appropriate for your target markets. Through our profound knowledge of the nomenclature, procedures, and best practices involved in bringing medicinal products and devices to market, we will help you achieve your goals.

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