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Biotech is supplying fluidic system solutions, liquid transfer components and innovative laboratory products to instrument developers, manufacturers, and distributors all around the world. We specialize in the online removal of gases and bubbles from liquids, servicing diverse areas such as chemical analysis, biotech and life science industries, as well as semiconductor assembly and ink jet printing technologies. Our mission is to empower you to design and assemble unique products by being a reliable partner for fluidic components, offering first-class service, in-depth knowledge, and advanced technical support for all the items we provide.
Founded in 2006 by the 80-year-old serial entrepreneur Ralf Jutvik together with Anders Grahn, Biotech has had a quick and successful history of self-sustained growth.

For three years in a row, 2018-2020, Biotech AB has been awarded “Top Performing Company”

This prestigious award is handed out by the business analysis company Bisnode, to recognize Sweden’s fastest-growing and profitable companies.
To qualify as a Top Performing Company a company must meet tough criteria related to growth, profits, efficiency capital structure and financing, as it must exhibit increased sales and profits while at the same time demonstrating sustainability and long-term business stability. These criteria must be met for at least four consecutive years to be awarded.
All this while the base of the company has continued to be on the beautiful Onsala peninsula close to the sea, a short drive from Gothenburg city and Landvetter International Airport. Biotech AB operates globally and has subsidiaries in US and Japan to give our clients the best service and support.

Biotech are specialists in HPLC vacuum degassing

Biotech has specialized in the degasification of flowing liquids by efficiently removing dissolved gases from the fluid stream to ensure more consistent results. With the introduction of the DEGASi PLUS series, Biotech has set a new world standard for HPLC vacuum degassers. For the most demanding applications, the Biotech DEGASi PREP+ degasser is outstandingly powerful and can accomplish the degasification of aqueous-organic solvents also at very high flow rates, as in preparative chromatography. Our degassing solutions save the industry both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines.

The DEGASi® PLUS series can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need.
DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers such as
DEGASi®Classic, DEGASi®GPC, DEGASi®Micro & DEGASi®Semi-Prep.

Amongst the benefits are:
– Much smaller footprint, L:230 mm, W:56 mm, H:107 mm
– Weight 6-channel version: 1.5 kg
– New vacuum pump using a smartboard
– Very silent
– Available with 1-6 channels
– Parallel connected vacuum chambers
– Easier accessibility and visibility
– Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
– Short lead time

Biotech is an OEM business partner

Biotech is a part of a network of expert partners in academia and industry. The availability of this accumulated knowledge and experience is an important prerequisite for developing unique and customized products. Most of our instruments and components are manufactured for the OEM market.

Biotech supply Fluidic Components for Scientific Instrumentation worldwide

Biotech is the Global Premium Supplier for IDEX Health & Science in the USA and can thereby provide an extremely competent range of tubing, fittings, adapters, sensors, filters, valves, HPLC column hardware and more, for a wide variety of fluidic systems, including HPLC and UHPLC instruments. We can also deliver an attractive variety of pumps and detectors from IDEX and Runge Instruments for liquid chromatography and other fluidic systems.
Biotech is furthermore capable of offering high-quality liquid chromatography columns for HPLC and UHPLC instruments worldwide. This includes the powerful range of 
SunShell® columns based on core-shell particle technology which by exceptional surface modification approaches, can deliver higher performance and more reliable results than conventional columns.
Biotech AB Tel: +46 (0)300-56 91 80