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Autoscribe Informatics – Matrix Gemini LIMS

Are you looking for a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to fit the way you work? One that can be configured to meet the needs of your lab? While all vendors claim their systems are configurable, Matrix Gemini LIMS is unique because our built-in graphically based configuration tools allow you to configure your LIMS without any changes to the program code. Every screen in the workflow can be easily altered to suit your exact needs. This simplifies support, saves time, lowers costs, allows you to change the LIMS to match your current and future needs, and puts you in control.

Hosted, Cloud or On-Premise
Matrix Gemini LIMS can be managed, and cloud hosted for you, or placed in your own cloud solution, or hosted on-premise. Using our web application the choice of how you deploy Matrix Gemini LIMS is entirely yours.

Configure LIMS Yourself (If You Want)
A range of LIMS training courses enable system administrators and users to configure workflows and screens (should you want to), as well as manage admin functions such as adding tests and limits and creating management reports.

Technical Services
Directly access our technical services team via phone and email to support you and promptly address any critical issues. Autoscribe also provide a thorough consulting service offering product configuration, instrument and external system integration, validation, database performance optimization and more.

Starter Systems to Suit Every Laboratory and Industry

Autoscribe offers a range of starter systems enables In-house and contract laboratories to benefit from hundreds of years’ experience, encapsulated within pre-defined laboratory workflows. A wide range of industries are supported including biobanking, environmental and water, food and beverage, manufacturing, materials and mining, medical and healthcare, materials and mining, medical devices, pathology, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary. It is a diverse list covering a broad range of laboratory types, so it is highly likely we have worked with a laboratory like yours. These systems can be further configured, as needed, to suit the exact needs of every laboratory.


Contact the LIMS Experts

Autoscribe has been delivering LIMS solutions to clients worldwide since 1988. Whether you are thinking of purchasing your first LIMS, or upgrading a current solution in your laboratory, contact Autoscribe Informatics, the experts in LIMS.

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