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Almac Sciences extends select AZymeTM offering to include therapeutic oligonucleotide synthesis

_Synthesis leverages new RNAL Ligase (RNAL) enzyme kit, a focussed
library of 10 double stranded RNA Ligase enzymes selected from Almac
Sciences’ extended RNAL enzyme panel _

Almac Sciences [1], a member of the Almac Group [2], announces a new
capability to synthesise therapeutic oligonucleotides, made possible by
the introduction of a new an easy-to-use RNA Ligase (RNAL) enzyme kit
that extends the company’s selectAZymeTM enzyme screening collection.

The kit contains a focussed library of 10 double stranded RNA Ligase
enzymes, selected from an extended RNAL enzyme panel, and can be used to
make single and double stranded RNA— as described in technical paper
by Caswell_ et al. __ACS Chem. Biol. 2023, 18(10), 2183-2187_ [3].

This marks the first time that Almac’s award-winning enzyme technology
has been applied to therapeutic oligonucleotide synthesis, a class of
drug that has rapidly grown in interest due to their synthesis and
manufacture. Building upon the strong biocatalytic technology base
already available at Almac, this newly available synthesis leverages the
company’s selectAZyme™ ligase enzymes to produce both single
stranded and double stranded oligo products.

The Ligase panel has the following attributes:

     * Manufacture of high-quality RNA oligo product using the Almac ligase
3:2:3:2 approach via RNA blockmer assembly,
     * Activity against both natural and unnatural nucleosides with
modifications including 2’F, 2’MOE & 2’OMe modifications and many
     * Enzymes can be immobilised and/or provided with low-endotoxin levels
on request,
     * The enzymes can be used to complement existing oligonucleotide
synthesis by combining a biocatalytic approach with existing classical
chemical synthesis

Choosing a complementary biocatalysis route for oligonucleotide
synthesis offers many benefits including higher isolated purity of the
RNA product, purity enrichment _via_ ligation of the blockmers due to
complementarity of base pairing. This technology also allows for
convergent synthesis opening up new supply chain opportunities.

Dr Jill Caswell, Biology Senior Team Leader commented _“Almac has
developed a range of biocatalytic products and services to facilitate
the challenges posed in biocatalytic oligonucleotide synthesis and this
new RNAL kit has the ability to diversify and strengthen supply chain
blockmer manufacture which can often shorten timelines, benefitting our
customers greatly._ _The expansion of our portfolio of product offerings
further showcases our commitment to providing our customers with the
most innovative and efficient processes.”_

The selectAZymeTM RNA Ligase kit is readily available now and extended
panels of double stranded RNA Ligase enzymes are available on request as
well as single stranded RNA Ligases.


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Almac delivers services from development to commercial scale of advanced
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